Australian programmer and content creator!

Not listening on Spotify

This website (active, closed-source)

Made in svelte, tailwindcss and typescript with a firebase custom backend!

Kiku (active, open-source!)

An API made in typescript to get your Spotify status.

exa (active, closed-soruce)

A discord bot made in python to update my web status! (and more...)

Status Page (active, closed-source)

Docker status page for uptime. Written in typescript.

CC Turtles (low activity, open-soruce!)

A few CC: Tweaked turtles written in lua.

Rain (depreciated)

Made in typescript as a small host for me. (Superseded by another project)

Other web projects (active)

Smaller websites or web apps written in svelte and or typescript.

Web Version: 3.2.3

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